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Several cyber security tools that focus on protecting network perimeters and end points are inadequate to prevent all attackers from penetrating the networks. Once inside the network, the attackers can stay undiscovered for hours, days weeks, and months which is the source of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Instead of focusing on point solutions, our product, Protean, focuses on the network topology and anticipates the actions of the attackers, stops them before they reach their targets, and reduces the time they reside inside the network. This enables the system administrator to focus on relevant problems and reduce the time to restore the network after attacks.

Customers' Corporate Governance Problem:Company stakeholders including investors, regulatory entities and employees need transparent access to reliable and affordable information on the management and control structures (i.e., corporate governance) of their company of interest. However, the current manual interpretation of text intensive data to rate board effectiveness makes the service too expensive for most customers.

Kaelo software addresses the high cost associated with knowledge mining from natural text, i.e., Text Analytics.



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